The Smooth Collie Club standard - 1898

HEAD: Should be in proportion to dog’s size; skull moderately wide between the ears, and flat, tapering to the end of the muzzle, which ought to be of a fair length, but not too snipy, with only a slight stop.

TEETH: Strong and white. The top jaw fitting nicely over the lower, and where much over or at all undershot, it should count against the dog.

EYES: Of almond shape, se obliquely in the head. and the shade consistent with the colour of the dogs. A full or staring eye is very objectional.

EARS: Small and when the dog’s attention is attracted, carried semi-erect but when in repose it is natural for them to be laid back.

NECK: Long and will arched, and shoulders muscular and sloping.

BACK: Rather long, strong and straight, the loin slightly arched and the chest should be rather deep but not wide.

FORELEGS: Straight and muscular, with a fair amount of bone. The hindlegs should be rather wide apart, with stifle well bent, forming stickle-hocks.

FEET: Compact, knuckles well sprung, claws strong and close together, pads can not be hard.

COAT: Short, dense, flat coat, with good texture, with and abundance of overcoat.

SYMMETRY: The dog should be a fair length on the leg and his movements active and graceful.

HEIGHT: Dogs 22in. to 24in;  Bitches 20in. to 22in

TAIL: Of medium length and when the dog is standing quietly, should be slightly raised but more so when excited.

Head 25 
Ears 15
Body 15
Legs and feet 15
Coat 25
Tail 5